Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First stoves installed!

On Monday the team from CT jumped right in to work in the village. We started off the day with a tour of Concepcion where we saw some of the houses that have been built by PID. We also got to visit Marcelina's home where our lunches are made everyday.

After that we unpacked the suitcases filled with donated items and then started work! The stove crew got 3 installed in the morning and the 2 doctors were busy in the clinic. Our first patient of the day came in complaining of foot pain, and when he took off his shoes and socks we discovered a very bad abcess on his foot. Lucky for us Dr. Alan from the Centro de Salud (Health Center) in San Antonio happen to stop by the PID clinic and he was able to assist and drain the abcess.

In the afternoon we had 25 kids ages 3 - 12 doing crafts out on the back patio. It is amazing how long you can entertain them with coloring pages.

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