The Authors

Gale Hull

Writing from all over the Western Hemisphere, Gale travels between Haiti, Guatemala, Mississippi, and her home in Massachusetts working as President and CEO of Partners In Development.


Sandra Noel

Sandra is the Field Director in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and brings you updates on volunteer teams and all of our programs' activities. 


Abby Sawyer

Field Director of PID's Guatemala location, Abby writes from San Bernardino with all the on-goings of our programs and volunteer teams.


Patrick Magennis

Patrick is the Field Director in PID's newest venture, the Mississippi Delta region. Based in Glendora, MS, he oversees the programs there aimed at bringing community transformation.


Heather Korpi

Volunteering in the Ipswich office, Heather manages our Etsy site and brings uplifting articles pertaining to the work of PID.


Michele DesRosiers

Michele is PID's Office Manager in Ipswich and keeps you posted on volunteer activities as well as upcoming events.



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