Friday, December 19, 2014

Child Sponsorship Christmas Cards!

Many thank to the team from the Immanuel Baptist Church in Ipswich who came to help with the mailing of Child Sponsorship Christmas cards!

Sponsors, your cards are on their way!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transformation Tuesday from Guatemala

During last week's team Brian had the opportunity to do some much needed repairs on Isabel's house. Isabel is an elderly woman (in her 80s) who is sponsored along with another elderly woman by the Plymouth Godmothers. She receives a bag of food each month. She has been asking Abby and Gale for a while to repair her house. Last year PID bought her some tin to repair the worst spots. This time around it was her lucky day! Brian and Sergio went and took measurements and then went to buy the supplies to put new tin on her house. As you can see from the first picture the house wasn't exactly waterproof during rainy season with those big gaps near the roof. And the tin was so thin and rusted that just placing your hand on the wall could cause a big hole in the tin!
Isabel was so excited about these house repairs and was even supervising the guys. She wanted to make sure it was done right and even told Sergio to move a few things over a little. So adorable.
So now Isabel has a home that will keep out the waters of rainy season. From rusty tin shack with gaps to a shiny tin home - our #TransformationTuesday !

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Team arrived safely!

The team is here and relaxing after a day of travel. Will check in after a few days of work. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mission accomplished

The team left this morning after a successful week. The builders got a lot accomplished and the Christmas parties were awesome. All three of the groups on the team never stopped working. They even worked a bit this morning before they left. I made them all tell me that I will see them back here next year for next year's party. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Day Two

Today we did two out of the three Christmas parties for elementary school kids. They all came and did crafts, got their picture taken, played games and got their present from Santa.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

First Day of Christmas Parties

We starting celebrating Christmas today with the sponsored kids. The morning was a party for the youngest kids that aren't in school yet, and in the afternoon we had a pool party with the kids in middle school, high school and college. 

crafts at the Christmas Party

Melisa looking so adorable

Our four boys born with cleft lip and palate 

Your Christmas Gift From PID

We've got you covered this Christmas: a gift list AND a coupon. Happy shopping!

Visit our Etsy shop and use coupon code PIDCHRISTMAS between now and December 15 to get 15% off everything on your holiday shopping list. There’s something for everyone at PIDcrafts. And remember that each time you shop, your purchase makes a significant difference in the lives of the artists, and helps support PID.

For the kids: Handmade woven bracelets from Guatemala
For the world traveler: Set of "Desierto" shoulder bags from Guatemala
For the home decorator: Handmade oil drum palm leaf bowl from Haiti
For the bird lover: Hand-sculpted wooden pelicans from Guatemala
For the beauty queen: Painted oil drum hair pieces from Haiti
For the techie: Handmade "Nahaula" tablet cover from Guatemala
For the entertainer: Fruit themed oil drum platter from Haiti
For the shopper: Colorful floral wallets from Guatemala
For the jewelry buff: Our famous "Gems of the Antilles" bracelets from Haiti
For the animal lover: Hand-sculpted wooden horse from Guatemala
For the nature enthusiast: Painted palm tree from Haiti
For the writer: Photo notecards of scenes from Guatemala

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gingerbread Houses and Tylenol

Today was our first day in the village here in Guatemala. Lindsay and Melissa worked in the clinic seeing patients. Many people with fevers and cold and flu symptoms. Meli (our pharmacist) was handing out a lot of tylenol.

Liz, Tara and Brian did a lot of work packing school supplies into the backpacks for christmas presents. We also had some girls from the village helping out. They also started assembling the crafts for the christmas parties. Saturday begins the christmas parties that will continue on Monday and Tuesday.

Gale, Julie and I cleaned out the lab and got some stuff ready to donate to the Health Center in San Antonio. After this evening's team meeting Gale is meeting with the nurses going over some medical information and the rest of the team is working on crafts.

school supplies ready to go into backpacks

Tomorrow is DAY ONE!

Today was wild! (Read: the next four days will be wilder.)

 Our group has a medical team, a Christmas party team and two different construction teams. The constuction teams are working on repairing the home of one of our staff nurses whose home was devastated by the 2010 eartquake, and the other construction team is doing a total rehaul of a clinic bathroom, among one thousand other projects.

 The Christmas party people spent today making over 500 gift bags for the sponsorship kids coming to the parties. There will be a party every day starting tomorrow until monday, and on each of those days over 100 sponsorship kids will come. I have spent plenty of time at PID Haiti but this is only my 2nd Christmas party. We have a lot if Christmas Party veterans here so not to worry.

Enjoy some shots of everybody making brownies and popcorn to give out at the party. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014