Thursday, November 16, 2017

End to a full week in Haiti

A new friend.

Yesterday the last of our mixed-bag medical team left Haiti. We had three mini groups of mostly medical professionals from Massachusetts, Oregon and Kentucky, as well as construction team people from those states. The nurses were able to see so many patients over the week, including one day when I think half of the town came to be seen in the clinic. That day we had 12 people seeing patients! So we were able to accomodate all the people without having to rush through it. Its a good day when you don't have to turn away a sick person at the gate!

The construction team was able to start on the new land in Sibert also! The new house now has a complete foundation and the walls. They made a ton of progress in just one week.

The first PID house in Sibert!

Jonas and Shade

Many from this team sponsor children through PID. They were able to visit with the kids for a few hours and make some memories together.

Donna (right) and her sponsored child, Arshley.

John and Lynn, with Nerly, their sponsored child.

Friday, October 13, 2017

CHOA team's week comes to a finish in Haiti

This week we have had a team of five from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta here at PID Haiti -including veteran trip people Dr. Tamara and Leonza. Seeing mostly pediatric cases, the team has seen many sick babies and toddlers AND not to mention has organized the medical supply closet from top to bottom. This team has asked many good questions and has enjoyed experiencing the food, music and overall culture of Haitian people. Tomorrow they cap off their trip with a visit to the museum and then relaxation by a local pool.

Lane, Lesley, Tamara, Leonza and Ann

Monday, September 11, 2017

Emergency sponsorship needed in Haiti

This is Woodlens. He is 5 months old, and he came to the clinic today for a sick visit, but seeing his small size Samuel also evaluated him for the Emergency program. He weighs only 4kg at 5 months old. His mother is very sick with a condition that causes her abdomen to swell. In addition, he has a twin sister who is home with a relative! We will be evaluating the sister tomorrow but for today we need a sponsor for Woodlens!

If you can help us buy formula for Woodlens, please log on to and click Donate. Start a monthly sponsorship of $30 by making the following note in the Memo:

Woodlens Faustin H2057

*number in the child's photo is incorrect, his real CS number is 2057, not 1057.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thank you from Roseberline

Thank you everyone who shared Roseberline's story. She found a sponsor!


If you're looking for another child to sponsor, consider helping Marie Ange go to school this year. Marie Ange's mother came into the office on Monday asking if her daughter found a sponsor yet. Her daughter is still on the waitlist, and is hoping to be able to afford school this year. Log on to and click "Donate" and start a sponsorship with "Marie Ange H824" in the Memo. 

Summer Camp Team in Haiti

The Summer Camp team is here this week in Haiti showing love to kids from surrounding towns and villages. So far they have seen over 400 kids! The kids sing, do a craft project, hear a Bible message and eat a nice hot lunch. Plus, on their way home, every kid is getting a GALLON of raw white rice, several cups of raw beans, and cooking oil to take home as a goodie bag. Its especially hot this year, but the team is sticking out the heat and enjoying the kids.

Liz and Ogerado leading a group

Aiden showing off all the rice the team had to put in bags.

Massive pile of bags of rice! This will all go out to local kids and their families this week.

Can you help Roseberline?

This is Roseberline. She came into the PID clinic here in Haiti in July. She is 9 months and is far from the chubby baby most babies weigh at that age. She weighs 15 pounds, and the skin on her arms and thighs just hangs off of her. PID needs help to continue giving her formula. Her mother Widline, and her 3 year old sister Widlene love her very much. Mom suffers from memory problems for unknown reasons, and she is doing her best to care for the baby.

If you can sponsor Roseberline, please log on to and click "Donate". Set up a sponsorship with "Roseberline H2034" in the Memo.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Emergency: Sponsor needed for Fritznelson in Haiti

Fritznelson lives in a house with 17 other people.
The Thomas family urgently needs sponsorship for little Fritznelson. The family of 18 lives in a 3 room house. The mother of Fritznelson suffers from mental illness as do at least two of the older children. As a result the grandmother (pictured above) and grandfather care for the household. Fritznelson's father is believed deceased and his mother is not working due to her limitations.

Grandma and Grandpa with a few of the grandchildren

Fritznelson is currently getting formula and nutrition cookies from PID to get his weight back up. If you are able to sponsor Fritznelson, please log on to and click 'Donate', then 'Child Sponsorship', then input the following information to set up a paypal payment:

H2043 Fritznelson Thomas