Friday, January 9, 2015

Finishing up the second team

Today is the last day of work here in the village. The team will be heading to Guatemala City tonight for a red-eye flight home.

The clinic team has seen many patients and done well child checkups on almost all of our sponsored children. Only 5-10 children have not been seen. That is a huge help to us making sure our kids stay healthy.

The construction team has worked really hard all week putting up the walls of Dulce's house. They have also almost finished the bathroom for the other family in our sponsorship program.
Rebecca in the hole - digging dirt to fill in Dulce's house

we brought corn to the mill yesterday to make the dough for tortillas

the tortilla dough

two team members with adorable kids

Elida and Lesly - sisters

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Continuing Well Child Checks and Construction

This second St. Joe's team is working hard on construction. They are putting up the walls of Dulce's house and have started a bathroom for another family in our sponsorship program. They will finish the bathroom tomorrow.

the start of the bathroom

construction materials being stored in the family's kitchen

the team eating lunch with our guatemalan staff

Hector in for his well child check

progress being made on the bathroom

Mailin -  a little girl from the family who is getting the bathroom

In the clinic we are almost done with the well child exams. The nursing students are getting experience triaging for the two Rns and our guatemalan doctor.

Here and keeping on

We said goodbye to Saint Joe's last weekend and shortly afterwards Gordon College from the north shore of Massachusetts arrived. Also 3 RN's from the new england area arrived. The college has been working on a few houses in Canaan, as well as finishing the local toilet that Saint Joe's started. One of the student team leaders from Gordon is Haitian-American. It was fun to see her sharing her favorite Creole songs and giving language lessons with her team last night after dinner. Today sthe visiting American nurses are helping in the clinic and the rest of the folks are out at construction, minus a few who stayed back to work on on-site projects.

Phillipe, Mo, Nick, and Farnel (in background).

RN Sarah and Gordon student team leader Pharvyana (translating for Sarah)

Friday, January 2, 2015

In between teams

Today the team worked in the village in the morning then came back to the hotel. They had pizza for lunch and then loaded into the buses to drive to Guatemala City. They got to go to the zoo in the capital before getting dropped off at the airport. It was a great team and they got a lot of work done. They were kind, caring, hard-working and fun to be around.

The second St. Joe's team arrived this evening along with Kelly (a clinic rotation nurse) and the Hackman family. They will continue the well child checkups, see patients, and work on construction.

We are looking forward to another great week.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feliz Año Nuevo from Guatemala!!

Happy New Years!!

Yesterday the team worked in the village. The nursing students along with their advisor were flying through the well-child checkups.

The construction team started mixing cement and pouring the foundation. Today they finished it and started with the cement blocks.

Since today was a national holiday (New Years) we had a little bit of change in schedules. And we learned a few things:
1. We learned that the chicken buses do NOT run on New Years. Luckily we know a guy with a pickup truck who does

2. In the children's program we learned how to make wooden spoon puppets and how to control many kids who all wanted soccer balls

3. Some of the team learned how hard it is to put tape in a straight line 

4. We learned how to make a traditional guatemalan dish - Pepian Chicken with rice. They made and delivered 16 plates to elderly and sick people in the village. 

5. We learned that practice makes (almost) perfect

6. We learned that we need a LOT more practice at making tortillas

7. We learned that it is harder than it seems

8. We learned how to distinguish a guatemalan tortilla from a gringo one

9. Colleen learned the technique

10. The team learned how much kids love a piñata

Welcome to 2015! May we keep learning from and loving the people that PID is serving. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday update from Guatemala

The team worked in the village again today. At the construction site they did some heavy lifting transporting 400 cement blocks, 20 bags of cement, and 20 bags of cal, and three square meters of big rocks from the street to the site where the house is. Luckily it is not too far and the path is straight and flat. The foundation is dug and filled with rocks. Tomorrow they will be mixing cement and pouring the foundation.

The filter crew visited some houses to check their filters and washed them. They also were able to install a new filter for a family.

Inside the clinic the nursing students have gotten very efficient at the well child check ups and we had to send Alejandra out a few times during the day to find more kids for them to see! In the afternoon she resorted to telling families that Gale was calling them to the clinic - people generally do what she asks them to do. We were a little surprised when everyone was coming in and hugging Gale. But when we found out what Alejandra had done, it all made sense.

Monday, December 29, 2014

1st day in the village

The team started work today in village Concepcion. The nursing students from St. Joe's are performing well-child check ups for all our sponsored children. They are recording height, weight, hemoglobin along with results from a urine test and a fecal exam. They are getting the kids who are really anemic in to see our Guatemalan doctor. It is a struggle to keep up medically with over 250 kids and the screening that they are going to do in these next two weeks is crucial to helping us keep track of our sponsored kids and keeping them healthy. Gale even taught some of the students how to look for parasites under the microscope for the fecal exams. The students did a great job and saw more kids than we had planned.

The construction crew split into two small groups. One dug out the foundation for a house being built for Dulce and Emilio. They worked super hard under the hot sun to get it all done today. They other group is working on water filters and started out today sifting and washing sand. Tomorrow they will go and pull in some water filters that need to be cleaned out and replaced.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Team's arrival and 1st day in Guatemala

Yesterday afternoon the team from St. Joe's team arrived in Guatemala. We met up with the Kearney family at the airport (they came down on Christmas day). After the long drive from the airport we had a yummy dinner followed by a quick meeting with only the most important information and then headed to bed.

Today we were up early to spend the day at Lake Atitlan. Some people did horseback riding around San Pedro and some chose to go kayaking. The others spent some time exploring the town. Everyone had a good time.

Tomorrow we start work in the village! Also Gale arrived this evening =)

Team here and having a good time

Billy amd Dru and the Christmas party team left today, and Saint Joe's arrived safely Friday afternoon. They got a good start on painting the Admin building here on PID campus and today went to the beach- tomorrow the work week begins in earnest! Good night for now. :)

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