Monday, May 11, 2015

Recap from this week with the Wartburg College team

The team and I just got back from a walk around Blanchard and the PID houses. We were talking about their trip so far, and their experience of working construction. The team is very hard working and not faint of heart. :) 

This week they have been up in Canaan constructing one house. They have pretty much completed all they can do on the curreny house, so a few Team people will help the Haitian Builders with the roof while others will trace and dig the foundation of the next house.

Meanwhile Lynn has seen pregnant women and their midwives almost every day this week, and several students have stayed in the clinic to shadow Lynn seeing prenatal and postpartum patients (and some others), and Marcy in Triage.

A Special Tribute to the Mothers of Guatemala

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all ladies out there!

As we all know the role of a mother is one of sacrificial love. Here at PID we work alongside many amazing mothers who make great sacrifices for their children, families and communities. In the face of poverty and despair they remain strong and determined to make a better life for themselves and their families. 

So a very special Feliz Dia de la Madre to the women of Guatemala:

To Marta Alicia - struggling with epilepsy and raising two children

To Reina - ties 8 yr old Dayana to her back and carries her on and off buses to Guatemala City each week for her physical therapies for Cerebral Palsy
To Romelia - raising 11 children under the age of 18

To all the mothers wiping snotty noses
To all the mothers who breastfeed their babies anytime and anywhere

To Sebastiana - deaf and raising two daughters - one deaf and one hearing

To Marta - who values the education of her daughters

To grandmothers acting as mothers
To women who are always willing to learn new things

To Marcelina - raising ten children and always willing to help out others

To Mildred - who when her husband left her and their two kids told us "if a snake that crawls on it's belly with no legs can raise it's children, then I who have two legs and two arms can certainly take care of mine."
To all the mothers who not only carry their children for nine months inside of them, but then continue to carry them for years to come

To Angelina - who smiles despite her circumstances

To Casilda - who finds joy in the little things

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Work in Progress

A few months ago some of the mothers of sponsored children got together and decided that they wanted to give back to the clinic and PID for all the help that they receive. They all felt the need to protect the clinic and came up with the idea of putting a new gate up front and wall around the whole property. In February they sold over 400 plates of food and each month they are collecting donations from the families of sponsored children. They have finally save up enough money to start working.

This week Edgar (a father of two sponsored kids and our construction leader) and his son volunteered their time to start the concrete framework that will support the new front gate.

 "The clinic belongs to all of us. Just like they help us and our families,
we should help to protect the building." - Marcelina

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wartburg College arrives in Haiti

The Wartburg College team has arrived safely at PID after a long day of travel. Also arriving today was nurse Lynn, who will be following up with midwives and their pregnant patients from last month's midwife training. Her husband John is also back, and will be working construction with the team, and conquering some items on my fix-it list for around campus. Some of the Wartburg team members are majoring in the medical sciences, and will be shadowing Marcy and Lynn in the clinic throughout the week.

Gale and the Program Directors and I met all day today to take advantage of her time in Haiti. Talking about the past year at the meeting has made us reflect on all the progress PID has made. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Strings Welcome Spring Concert, Ipswich, MA

A beautiful sample from the annual concert that raises money for child sponsorship!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Great ending to a very accomplished week

The last members of this week's team have gone. It was an incredibly accomplished week.

The carpenter's and electricians finished everything on their huge long list, including the new kitchen's drain and electrical. All that remains is to smooth the floor, then we can move in the stove and fridge. The old kitchen will be used as a clinic room for visiting doctors and nurses from teams from the US.

The two visiting doctors and nurses from the US also had a great week. On Friday it seemed word had gotten out to the community that we had visiting medical people. The clinic was chaje moun, that is, packed with people, and our visiting medical professionals saw over 120 people.

Two other team members organized my mess of a filing cabinet and other tedious clerical tasks. (Believe me, this was a huge accomplishment, haha!)

A great week and the team will be missed.

PS. Also on the list of accomplishments: Mr. Genois gave his goodbye talk entirely in English, no translation needed. :)