Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Emergency: Sponsor needed for Fritznelson in Haiti

Fritznelson lives in a house with 17 other people.
The Thomas family urgently needs sponsorship for little Fritznelson. The family of 18 lives in a 3 room house. The mother of Fritznelson suffers from mental illness as do at least two of the older children. As a result the grandmother (pictured above) and grandfather care for the household. Fritznelson's father is believed deceased and his mother is not working due to her limitations.

Grandma and Grandpa with a few of the grandchildren

Fritznelson is currently getting formula and nutrition cookies from PID to get his weight back up. If you are able to sponsor Fritznelson, please log on to www.pidonline.org and click 'Donate', then 'Child Sponsorship', then input the following information to set up a paypal payment:

H2043 Fritznelson Thomas

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sponsorship letters from Haiti

We received more than a few calls and emails from confused sponsors regarding this Spring's sponsorship letter. Here, we'd like to clarify that the photos on the front of the Spring letter are NOT supposed to be photos of your sponsor child. So, if you received a Spring letter from your sponsored child with a child you don't recognize on the front, that is because the pictures on the front of the card are just the design of the card. Again, the pictures on the front of the Spring sponsorship cards are just decorative pictures of some of our PID kids and neighbors, and are NOT intended to be pictures of your child. :)

(If you are looking forward to your next actual picture of your sponsored child, we send updated pictures every December after we have our annual Christmas party.)

Sorry for any confusion!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Final Day for Scranton Team

The team from Scranton had a great week working in the village. They painted three houses and most of the outside of the clinic. The children's program was a hit and afternoon karate classes were enjoyed by all. Also 16 stoves were installed in homes.

The team members were enthusiastic and never complained. They worked very hard and their dedication to the people we serve was admirable. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Night in Guatemala

Today the team got to spend the day in Antigua. They did a little sight seeing and some souvenir shopping. They also were able to attend a morning church service in Antigua.

We have finished painting two houses and installed seven stoves so far. The kids are realling enjoying the activities at the children's program.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Day of Work

The Scranton team had a very successful first day of work in the village. The children's program enjoyed making tissue paper mosaics and their afternoon karate class taught by Cara. They also enjoyed playing with the pool noodles and hula hoops.

The construction crew made some progress on the painting and installed two stoves in the afternoon.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Scranton Team has arrived!

Our next team from the University of Scranton has made it safely ti the hotel in Guatemala. After a long day of travel they had dinner and headed to bed.

We will be doing a children's program along with painting a few houses and installing stoves.

Thank you to Antioch and UMD Basketball Teams

A big thank you to the two teams that left Haiti yesterday. The women's Basketball team from UMass Dartmouth was here building the (almost finished) four-family emergency home in Canaan. The research team from Antioch College was here providing therapy sessions, groups sessions for women, men, children, and Sickle Cell patients, and researching aspects of Sickle Cell Disease on mental health.

An amazing two groups with very different tasks! We were sad to see them go, both accomplished so much in their week here at PID.