Friday, April 24, 2015

Keeping busy with this week's team

We've been keeping busy here in the Haiti office and around PID. The team is never tired of finding new projects to do after the day's work in the clinic and at construction is done. Tuesday afternoon I found half the team in the clinic room repairing the EKG machine. Our two American doctors here and our tech saavy team members collaborated to try to get it running again. One team member volunteered to be the patient hooked up to the machine. Every time they made progress in fixing the machine they would either erupt in applause or burst out laughing (they got some strange readings from the machine at first).

Us getting a kick out of the machine readings.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon I found 5 of the team ladies sorting through our MASSIVE collection of donated eyeglasses. They sat around for 2 hours organizing, cleaning, and disposing of un-usable glasses! Its definitely a task I never would have gotten around to, so I really appreciate their work on this.

Sorting glasses...

... and trying them on.
So many glasses!

Here are some more shots of the team painting, working on plumbing and wiring in the new kitchen (which will actually be OUTSIDE the clinic building!) and working in the clinic.

Team members painting in the bunkhouse.

A visiting American NP and her translator/buddy Johnny.

Brad (center) and Doudou working on kitchen cabinets.

Nickenson helping with the electric work in the clinic.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A new child joins the PID Family

Mildred Anahi is one of the newest kids to join the PID Family of sponsored children. She is one of 262 children from Concepcion Ixtacapa and surrounding villages living in extreme poverty that benefit from the Child Sponsorship Program. Mildred and her family will receive a bag of food and a carton of eggs (30 eggs) each month. She will also receive complete medical and dental care as needed along with help to buy school supplies so she is able to keep studying!

Here at PID Guatemala we love adding new children to our family. Watching the children grow and knowing that they have an opportunity for a better life is a great privilege. If you are interested in being a part of it all check out our Child Sponsorship website, choose a kid and get started today!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Part II of the team has arrived safely in Haiti

Five more team members have arrived safely in Haiti. They are settling in after their flight and a walk around Blanchard with Marceline. Part III of this team was delayed and will arrive tomorrow morning early.

Team (Part I) arrived safely in Haiti last night

After a delay on their connecting flight, the first half of this week's team has arrived safely in Haiti. The rest of the folks  arrive tomorrow. This week we have 2 nurses, 2 doctors and a medical assistant, as well as a ton of construction team members. Our bunkhouse got somewhat of a "makeover" since the last team left. A fresh coat of paint and more showers (much needed with bigger teams) and screens on the windows. 

Team in Haiti

After a short delay in Miami the first part of this week's team arrived in Haiti. The second part of the team will arrive today. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The celebration continues: spring sale at PIDcrafts

Thanks to all who joined us at our Annual Celebration on Sunday! We're going to keep celebrating over at PIDcrafts with a special spring sale. Use coupon code CELEBRATESPRING for 10% off your order before April 30.