Sunday, October 9, 2016

PID's response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Recent photo from Molhea
A special thanks to all of you who have donated to our Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund.  We will be updating you via our blog and facebook page should you want current information on what we are doing. I want to emphasize that all of are families are safe. We will email you personally if we have personal information to share with you about your child. 

Please keep in mind that the staff in Haiti is working hard to find out information on each our families. It is a slow job to communicate with 560 families in a short amount of time in disaster conditions and assess the current needs. 

1. If your child lives near the clinic- they are safe and their houses remain unharmed. 
2. If your child living in Cite Soliel- they are safe but we have reports of roofs being ripped off of houses. 
3. If your child lives in Canaan- they are safe-all of PID's house are not damaged , we are working on damage review for tarp dwellings. 
4. If your child lives in Mohlea- they are safe- but this area sustained the most damage as many live in very unsafe houses built of tarps and cardboard and are near water. 

PID will be accepting donation of any amount to rebuild tarp houses and to buy necessary supplies . 
We will be accepting donations of bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and washcloths. Please call the office at 978-380-6132 for physical donations. 

What we will be doing now:
We will be rebuilding tarp houses for those who have lost their dwellings. This is a cost effective way to get immediate housing into an area. It costs about $200 per dwelling, last about 2-3 years and take about 1/2 day to put up with the help of the family. Many of the houses that were lost were these kinds of dwelling but not built with a strong frame or support. 

PID will continue with it's on going program to build safe, affordable housing for those living in extreme poverty . This way, when disaster strikes they will not be left homeless but will be left with a safe, house standing. The cost of these concrete houses are $3500. 

We thank all of our donors for their outpouring of concern and caring for the Haitian people. PID will continue to use your donations in the most cost saving and effective way possible. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Operation Results for Antony

Monday we drove to Antigua to pick up Antony from the hospital. What a difference the past week has made! Dr. Asensio repaired Antony's cleft lip and left him looking quite handsome.

If you are interested in donating to PID so we can continue to help children like Antony receive these life-changing surgeries, you can donate online at:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donation for Volunteer Firefighters

This past June a team brought down three mannequins to be used in a first aid and CPR course for some young adults in the village. After they left we decided to find a home for the mannequins where they would be used often. I decided to give them to the volunteer firefighters of San Antonio.The firefighters in Guatemala act as first response and paramedics. They also have an ambulance that we call when we need transportation to the hospital. They were very excited about the donation and said that they had been praying for God to provide some mannequins for them to use in their teaching and training.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Emergency: Sponsor needed for baby Johana

This is Johana Nicolas. At almost 10 months old, she weighs less than 11 pounds! She never cries, smiles or laughs. Her little limbs have no strength and she seems weak and tired. While her mother was still pregnant with her, the baby's father died of an unknown illness. The mother is currently in the hospital and has been in the hospital for some time. Johana has been underweight her whole life. Today the family came to PID to see if we could help. We sent her family home with formula and baby cereal, but we need the help of a sponsor to continue the support.

To sponsor Johana, go to PID's website and click Donate, then click Child Sponsorship, or click here. Her sponsorship information is:

Johana Nicolas

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Three generations of women

The baby's mother (in orange), grandmother with new grandaughter in her arms.

This grandmother, mother and brand new baby girl came to clinic today to check up on the three week old little one. All is well with the baby. Mom was a patient in our prenatal program and came with her mom today to meet with the new PID midwife, Solange. They agreed to let me snap a picture to share with you all (although requested no names).

New midwife and prenatal program nurse Solange started last Monday and is a meaningful addition to the clinic staff. Solange studied through a school in Hinche and has worked with pregnant women and new babies for three years.

Exciting Days Ahead for Antony

Antony was born on May 4th of this year with a unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate. This made it difficult for him to breastfeed and he quickly began to lose weight. PID stepped in and found him a sponsor to help the family with the cost of baby formula. This intervention of PID may have saved Antony's life.

May 2016

September 2016
Antony is now 4 months old and a healthy weight. He went to get bloodwork done today and if everything is clear, he will receive surgery within the next week. We will take him to a private hospital in Antigua that specializes in children born with cleft lip and palate. He will stay in the hospital 5-7 days after surgery and then we will pick him up and bring him home. His parents are nervous and excited.

There are currently 10 children sponsored through PID who were born with cleft lip and palate. There are many more in San Antonio. If you are interested in making a donation to help these children with surgeries, speech therapy or formula, you can do so at:
Each surgery costs $500 (transportation, medicine, hospital fees and lab exams). $60 provides a month of formula or speech therapy.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Emergency: sponsor needed for child in Haiti

This is Lenchelly Nerly Noel. He is 7 months old and weighs only 8 pounds. He is small and under-developped for his age. His mother has a problem making breastmilk for little Lenchelly. 

Their family lives in Cite Soleil, which (as many of you know) is a dangerous and impoverished area. Mariolene (the baby's mom) has two toddler boys also. Caring for her children is very hard. Today we gave her baby cereal and some formula, but we need a sponsor to help us provide these items for Lenchelly.

If you want to sponsor Lenchelly Nerly Noel, log on to and click "Donate", and follow the instructions from there. 

His Child Sponsorship number is H1069. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.