Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New bracelets from Guatemala

If you have traveled with PID to Guatemala, you have probably met Keily. She has been hard at work creating wrap bracelets for our online shop, PID Crafts. These bracelets provide fair wages for Keily (and other artists whose work is featured in the shop), which makes a huge difference. In areas where unemployment is incredibly high and income levels are incredibly low, receiving a fair wage helps put food on the table and get basic essentials. Artists who are able to consistently sell their work at a fair wage have a much greater likelihood of escaping the cycle of poverty. So, check out Keily's bracelets (and lots more new items) at PID Crafts. Remember that your purchases support artists like her in Haiti and Guatemala, and help PID continue serving the extreme poor!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Team Update

We have had a steady flow of patients all week here at the clinic. Patients with minor problems of coughs and cold to more complicated cases of special needs kids and a little girl with kidney failure. One thing that really made an impression on team members is the care and love given to special needs kids despite the incredibly difficult circumstances. Just having a child with special needs is difficult, but adding in the reality of living in extreme poverty and not always having enough to eat, let alone pay for transportation and expensive medical bills seems overwhelming. But as usual, the Guatemalans have surprised us and impressed us with their attitude and dedication towards their children.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Next team has arrived

This week's team arrived late Monday night after some flight delays and a night spent in Miami. It is a well-traveled medical team that has come to Guatemala many times. We are seeing patients in the clinic as well as offering eye exams and therapy sessions with a psychologist. Our favorite knitting instructor is also here this week teaching kids and some ladies how to knit.

Things are going well and tomorrow we will bring some patients in from Barrios tomorrow to see the doctors.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The end of another great team

Today is the final day of work in the village. The stove crew has gone out to install their final two stoves and finish up installation on some of the chimney pipes of stoves that were installed on January 1st. After today we will have a total of 23 stoves up and running in the village!

The clinic is seeing a few patients today and will most likely be doing some home visits in the afternoon.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year Update

Happy 2016!!! PID started off the new year with a visit from Gordon College near Boston. The students worked on a half-duplex/half-emergency complex in Canaan. They were able to meet one family who will eventually move into the duplex side. The team began working from the ground up and was able to lay the foundation and build the bottom half of the house walls.

Gordon College working in Canaan

Soon after Gordon left, a team of two nurses and a nursing student arrived to lead a midwife training class. The instruction is designed for women and men who assist with safe births in their communities. The midwife team will be teaching back to back classes for two groups of matrons from Molea. On Sunday, two RN nurses arrived here and will work in the clinic for two weeks, aiding the clinic staff with well child check ups for sponsor children.

Sarah Holt and Alison Childs teach the midwife class, with Showdy interpreting

Students from Loras College in Iowa arrived Tuesday night. After packing lunch and lots of water this morning, they were off for their second day of work in Canaan. They will be completing the two houses which Gordon College began.

With a packed bunkhouse and many different projects taking place here in Haiti, the year has certainly gotten off to a exciting, productive start!

- Avery 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mobile Clinic in Barrios 1

Today we finished up our second day of a mobile clinic in a village called Barrios 1. Yesterday we saw around 60 patients and today we saw around 80! It was a very busy two days. We were working at the school in the village. Below are some pictures.

Monday, January 11, 2016

New week with a new team

Our next team arrived late Saturday night and spent the night in Antigua. On Sunday they explored the city and got to shop for some souvenirs. Now they will work straight through the week in the village.

Today in the clinic we saw around 75 patients! That is great for a first day.

The non-medical team members stayed busy out in the village installing plancha stoves and doing crafts with kids in the afternoon.

Tomorrow we will be doing our very first mobile clinic in Barrios I. We will be using to school building and seeing patients.