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DOB: OCTOBER 17, 2011

Alfonso is almost four years old but is severely underweight for his age and cannot walk or talk. He has two older sisters (twins), one older brother and one younger brother. Alfonso and his siblings live with their parents in a one room house made out of wooden boards with a tin roof and a cement floor. They have electricity, but no running water. His father works as a day laborer but he only gets paid about $25 each week which isn’t nearly enough to provide for the family of seven. Alfonso’s twin sisters are eight years old, but are not studying in school due to the family’s lack of economic resources. Alfonso needs nutritional help as well as physical and speech therapies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

On coming back

Since I got married this summer I was on vacation and out of the village for about 5 weeks. Being back to wormk is great and I love seeing all the friendly faces and sharing pictures of the wedding. The most common comment is that I look like a princess in my wedding dress.

This past week was child sponsorship distribution. We also are gathering shoe sizes and clothing sizes for all of the sponsored kids. In November we will celebrate our annual Christmas Party and the kids will all receive new clothes, shoes and school supplies. Interested in coming down to celebrate Navidad with 260 guatemalan children? Head on over to our Trips page and get more information.

Guatemala has been going through many changes recently as a country. They have managed to peacefully fight corruption and impeach both their vice president and most recently their president. These leaders were supposedly (still under trial) involved in a scandal where government funds were stolen and put into their pockets. This lead to some really sad circumstances throughout the country - lack of medical supplies in the national hospitals where people would have to go out and buy needles and syringes for their own bloodwork, no gas money for the national police which lead to less police patrols and increased crime. 

I am proud that Guatemala has been able to reach this point through peaceful protesting and judges that are willing to fight for justice and not give in to corruption. I hope that Guatemala can serve as an example to other nearby countries that also suffer from Government corruption.

This Tuesday is independence day and I imagine there will be an even bigger celebration than usual.

Ricardo and his mother leave the clinic with their food wrapped up and carried on her head
Nayeli and Elida greet me with flowers they picked on the way to the clinic
Sunday Sept. 6th was the first round of elections. As a law there is no consumption or selling of alcohol from Friday until Monday. This is how the beer aisle looks at a local grocery store. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

The roof is done!

After a lot of hard work and some hot days, the roof is 100% complete.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy Chicken Day!

Okay, so its not really a holiday (that I know of), but it felt kind of festive! Mr. Genois and Evelyn gave away the 23 chickens (it was 24, one of them flew the coup) and 5 large bags of rice to families in the area who we know are struggling. I saw many familiar faces, and I am both saddened that life in Haiti really is so hard, but I admire that Evelyn was able to encourage families in this not-so-small way. The families will most likely use the chickens for breeding and egg-laying. Families could choose from either taking two chickens - a rooster and a hen - or taking one chicken and a large bag of rice. I know that no matter what the families choose they will benefit.

And, I have to thank all of you, too, for donating your funds to help out families in our community.We still have most of your donation money left to keep buying chickens for folks, probably over the next couple of months. With all of your donations we will be able to encourage a lot of people. Today we gave out chickens and/or rice to 14 women.

You can see Evelyn and her Dad near the far left of the photo.

Modlene choosing her chicken.


All in all, Evelyn and her Dad have had an excellent last week. After finishing Nickenson's house last weekend, Kris has painted non-stop in the clinic. Last night he painted until 9pm. We are very grateful for his flexibility and hard work. I know Evelyn is saying a lot of goodbyes to those she has come close to over the past two months.

Her internship was a great experience for her, as well as a great help to PID Haiti. If you are interested in interning for PID, check out the requirements and the application on our website: Intern for PID.