Monday, March 2, 2015

First Ultrasound in the PID clinic

Today the team started work in the village. We have a wide variety of projects going on this week - from seeing patients to knitting to counseling sessions to *drum roll please* the new ultrasound machine that was donated to the clinic!

Dr. Tim spent the day teaching Meli and Flor how to do ultrasounds. They learned the theory in the morning and put it into practice in the afternoon. They were able to do three patients this afternoon and will continue all week long. This is such an exciting edition to the clinic that will help us with dating in pregnancy and identifying potential high risk cases. Meli was thrilled and had a look of pure excitement on her face when she described how they saw the baby move and its little heart beat.

Kelly and Jen saw patients all day long. While Meli was in her ultrasound class Gale worked in the pharmacy distributing the medicine and realized how difficult it must be to go home with a bag full of medicine and have to remember specific instructions for each of them. Luckily we have two guys on the team that have come up with a solution! A small device that records the voice of the doctor telling the patient how to take the medicine. They are working this week interviewing doctors and patients to inprove on their project.

Judy did some counseling sessions - with many tears. And Cynthia was knitting out back with the ladies. This is going to be a great week!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another successful team

The dental team left the hotel early this morning to drive to Guatemala City and catch their flights home. We had an amazing week and provided some great services to the people of the village.

Around 70 patients were seen each day for mostly extractions and some fillings. The dental students worked really well under the supervision of Dr. Valantine. At the end of the week the clinic was running like a well oiled machine.

This group is one of the hardest working team we have had here in Guatemala. They worked all day long and sometimes right through lunch!

They were able to take impressions and make partial dentures for about 10 people - mostly for the front teeth. The difference that this will make in people's lives is priceless! The team members working on the dentures said that all the hard work paid off when they saw the patient smile from ear to ear when they looked in the mirror for the first time. They feel so much more comfortable and self-confident with all their teeth. Here are some before and after shots:




Friday, February 20, 2015

And they're off...

Well... its hard to believe but the team just boarded the bus to head to the airport. A great team of high school students who never complained, always looked out for each other, and loved playing with the kids. We had a photojournalist from a local newspaper interviewing people and photographing life here as well as the PID programs in action. Finally we had 4 skilled nurses providing care for people who really needed it. Last night at debrief the adult team members reflected on how valuable it is for young adults ages 16 to 17 years old to see the things they have seen this week. This group was very generous and big-hearted, giving away almost all of their clothes and toiletries to both the Canaan community and the community here surrounding the clinic. Many of the team members hope to come back next year.

 Here are a few images from the past week at the construction site.

Bucketing cement into the foundation of a house

A team member with her little friend Soudjia, in Canaan

The construction group saying goodbye to Canaan kids outside the bus on their last work day

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last work day for the team in Haiti

The team worked their last day today in the clinic and at Canaan. They have had a very productive work week and tomorrow will go to the beach to take a much deserved day off and take in some of Haiti's natural beauty.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mobile Clinic today

Very, very eventful day. We had a mobile clinic in Mohlea today and probably saw over 75 people. The construction team returned to Canaan to keep on with their work there. Tomorrow is the last day of work for the team, that is hard to believe. This week has flown by. Will be sure to post pictures before they leave!

Day Two with our Dental Team

Here are some pictures from day two with our dental team.

Taking Care of Teeth in Guatemala

Now that the Valentine’s Day treats are off the shelves and (hopefully) out of the house, it’s time to grab a toothbrush and some floss and make sure those sugar-packed goodies aren't causing long term damage to your teeth or your kids’ teeth.

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Something that may easily be taken for granted here in the U.S., dental care is incredibly hard to come by in Guatemala. Poor or inaccessible dental care is particularly worrisome for children, who face long-term health consequences when their permanent teeth don’t receive the care they need from the start.

Because oral health is essential to overall health, lack of dental care can have far-reaching ramifications. What starts as just a small cavity can become a more serious oral condition, like tooth decay or gum disease. Even beyond mouth pain and discomfort, some oral diseases have been linked to heart disease, premature birth or low birth rate, and osteoporosis.

What’s PID doing to help?

We’re thrilled now be offering full-time dental care in Guatemala. The dental program is available free of charge for school-age children, pregnant women and the elderly, and for a minimum charge (to cover materials) for teenagers and adults. This is the first time dental care has been available to almost all of the residents in the area.

The clinic is staffed by dental students from the national university of Guatemala, who are required to give back to their country during their final year of school. Every year, a new student will come to provide one year of community dental care and oral hygiene education in the local schools.

In addition to this regular service, we are privileged to have a team from from Dalhousie University in Canada for the second year in a row. This week, they hope to see around 100 patients per day for extractions, fillings, sealants and dentures.

What can you do?

Learn more about PID’s medical program, including dental care, in Guatemala and consider supporting our efforts. Also, be sure to brush and floss daily, visit your dentist regularly, and replace your toothbrush every couple months.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Another good day

Today was the first clinic day since the team has been here, since they arrived Friday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday our clinic doesn't function. The nurses brought the total number of patients we saw today to 81. Double what we can see on a normal day with only Dr. Paul here. The construction team reflected tonight about how grateful the Canaan people are and how the kids seem to share with one another. One of the adults here who has a daughter on the trip as well was brought to tears talking about the impact this trip is having on her daughter, and how she can see that her daughter is really appreciating and learning from her experience.

Starting the week in Guatemala

Yesterday the team enjoyed a relaxing day at the lake. Dinner at the hotel was delicious as always and then some team members came to the clinic to get supplies unpacked and set up. We were here until about 10 pm! That is some serious dedication.

They had their first day of work here in the village. They saw around 55 patients. They did extractions, fillings, cleaning and even took a few xrays on a newly donated xray machine! So many cool things are happening!

Today Hector Armando came back from Antigua after his cleft lip surgery and is looking great!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Team update from Haiti

Today the team went to church with Marcy, then came back and did odd jobs around the clinic. Some counted vitamins, some inventoried medical supplies and some of us made dinner for the team. Then most people went on a nice long walk around town, and by the time they were back, dinner was ready -- ground beef chili over white rice, with cake for dessert. I know the team felt really grateful for their meal after visiting with a few families on the walk who have struggled to make even one meal per day. The team continues to make important reflections about their trip so far.