Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Teams in and out in Haiti

Loras College arrived safely this afternoon only hours after Gordon College left us.

The Gordon students had a great week continuing the two duplexes and the single house in Canaan. Before they left this morning they were able to hear from Madame Mesadieu, who lives in the neighboring duplex to where they were working. Madame Mesadieu shared the impact that stable housing has had on her family. Due to the stability she now sells charcoal (for cooking) successfully to the neighbors and is able to provide for her family. Teams make building houses possible for PID!

Earlier in the week Gordon student team leaders presented us with a map of Haiti covered in prayers written by Gordon students back home. This is a special gift and we can't wait to display it as an encouragement to our staff.

Loras College students have arrived and are wiped out after an especially long travel day. They are looking forward to a fantastic week ahead.

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