Saturday, January 14, 2017

End of Greenfield and Beginning of Next team

The group of nursing students from GCC finished off their week seeing patients in the clinic and working hard on construction. The houses are coming along quite quickly.

The final day nurse Kelly B. went to go and visit her old lady friend Maria who is 89 and lives down by the river. She also went to visit Leybi (our nurse at the clinic) and her almost 2 yr old daughter. Its great when team members are able to come back year after year and establish relationships with the Guatemalans.

Today we spent the day in Antigua. They did a chocolate workshop and made their own chocolate bars. Afterwards they continued to Guatemala City to stay over night and will fly out tomorrow. We had a great week and I look forward to working with GCC again.

Our next team from Christ Church arrived Friday afternoon and travelled to Lake Atitlan. They will spend the weekend there and come here on Sunday evening to start their work on Monday. They will be working in the clinic and installing 25 new plancha stoves.

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