Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A new sponsorship and a new team in Haiti

Wedjina and Abbey

Seeing people meet their sponsor children is one of the best perks of the job. Abbey, who just finished up her internship in Haiti, left yesterday, but not before she was able to start sponsoring a child! It was an exciting new beginning for the end of her trip.

St. Joe's students on their last day of work in Canaan

Also yesterday one team departed and another arrived! Saint Joe's College of Maine's second team left us yesterday morning, and not soon after Gordon College arrived.

Genois talking to the team before their departure
The Saint Joe's team had a wonderful ending to their trip: They were able to make great progress on the duplex and the single in Canaan. The nurses were also able to do a final mobile clinic on Monday before leaving yesterday. The entire team met with Mr. Genois, the head of sponsorship and social work at PID Haiti, who explained to them the positive impact that housing and medical teams have on PID programs. Through teams we are able to build houses for people who would otherwise have no chance at a stable home.

Steve from St. Joe's stayed back in Haiti to work with the gem cutter workers as well. The gem cutters are so happy when Steve comes to Haiti and Mikelange (one of the gem cutters) even did a little dance when she found out he would be teaching them new techniques with the gem machine.

Youmide, Steve and Peterson in the gem cutting studio

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