Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunday in Haiti

Its been a whirlwind and I didn't get a chance to update the blog last night. Yesterday was Day 3 of the Christmas party, which means we are almost done handing out all the presents to the kids. I think each day the flow of the party has been smoother and smoother. Although having 100+ kids running around PID is going to be chaotic no matter what. 

The construction team working on Marcy's house addition has been trucking along. Today is their last work day and last night at dinner they were planning on how to maximize their work/time. See the photo below to see where they were at yesterday afternoon. Marcy's family's house will have an additional room and bathroom for Marcy to live in when everything is done. Before this week, there was just an empty lot, the team dug two-feet deep trenches for the foundation, filled in the foundation with stone/cement, and built in the re-bar for the stability of the walls.

Jonas leads team members in mixing cement yesterday (Sunday).

Before the team got here this was an empty lot.

The clinic roof also got erected yesterday. There will still be an opening in the middle for the almond tree branches to grow out, but the new air flow in this roof will comply with the public health departments requests. The new solar system and water pressure continue to work great. What I forgot to say in Saturday's post was that improvements like that help PID be more efficient, save us from spending money on things like power and wasted water, therefore helping us put more money toward program development.

Today (Monday) the team will cover the roof crossbeams with tin.

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