Saturday, December 5, 2015

Moving forward with the Team in Haiti

This team continues to be very productive in their various projects. Marcy's addition is coming along really well! The walls are starting to come up and I imagine by the end of the week the room/addition to the house will be more than half done!

The Solar guys installed a new slew of Solar panels on the roof, and worked with the Roof crew to make sure the clinic's roof changes and the new panels would all work together. The Team guys made a zillion plumbing changes (a rough estimate) including a pressure tank that gives the clinic excellent pressure. I can't wait until the staff come back after the long weekend to see the water pressure so intense. :) Its the little things that are not so little sometimes!

The Christmas Party Day 2 was a success. The team made some small changes which helped with crowd flow. The kids enjoyed their crafts and playtime, and of course - presents.

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