Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Great end to a successful week!

After a jam packed week of work, the Christmas Party team has safely departed PID and are headed home to their families in the U.S! 

Monday was a terrific day for accomplishing goals. The hard working women behind the Christmas Party distributed the last of the backpacks, notebooks, and toys to the remaining sponsor children. The younger children made ornaments and decorated christmas cards, while students in the Higher Education program wrote letters to their sponsors. 

The construction crew at Marcy’s house finished pouring the foundation on Monday night, electing to work till sundown to see the job through. The assembly line was quite a sight, as members of the PID family, the Haitian crew, Marcy and her father passed cement in large buckets to and from the structure. After a week of working at the site, we all went home satisfied with a job well done. The Haitian crew will continue working until the next team arrives to continue their progress. 

The completed clinic roof is truly something special, with high, open air ceilings which will keep rain water away from the clinic and the patients cool and dry. The design is called a ‘hip roof’ and is made with tin, which is more durable. We are very grateful to the experienced construction crew who worked non-stop this week (even through the night sometimes!) to get this finished, as well as installing solar panels and building benches.

Jim, Ken, Peter, and Brad worked this week on the roof, along with other helpers! 

On Tuesday, the team traveled to an ironworker’s market in Croix-Des-Bouquets. The sound of artists crafting metal designs, ornaments, and trinkets could be heard as volunteers weaved in and out of the many shops. Later in the afternoon, a number of participants traveled to downtown Port au Prince, where they visited the MUNAPAH national museum and explored Haitian history.

Before leaving this morning, Trish from Connecticut generously donated rice, beans, oil, and tomatoes to a family in desperate need, and was able to deliver the food to them personally. 

Many thanks to the team members for sharing their holiday with PID. We wish everyone safe travels and a happy christmas, and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

- Avery 

Trish with the food

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