Monday, November 16, 2015

Avery arrives, and a check-up for Franscesca!

Antoinette gave birth at PID's emergency birth center on October 12, 2015
First I wanted to share this photo of the woman, Antoinette, who had her baby here at PID last month. Today, she came in to get the baby checked out. Baby Franscesca is doing great- gaining weight back after a slight dip in weight last week. Antoinette said it would be okay to share this pic with you all, and baby Franscesca didn't seem to mind either.

Avery also arrived in Haiti yesterday. She'll be interning for two months here!

I think they are testing her Creole...

This morning she helped me unpack the Christmas party supplies from the barrels we got out of customs last week, we then walked around PID and introduced (or re-introduced) her to all the staff, and a talked about her internship hopes. Later she set up for Creole lessons with her tutor, then she killed some time playing soccer with the kids (they like her already: she brought a soccer ball.)

PID's little neighbor playing with Avery's soccer ball

Check in with you all soon,


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