Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A long-awaited meeting

Nurse Gerri and her family sponsor two little boys that were urgent needs. Julio Antonio has epilepsy and was having seizures up to 3 times a day! Sponsorship means that he has appointments with a neurologist and receives anti-seizure medication. He is growing and his little brain is now protected from daily seizures. He came yesterday with him mom, two of his brothers and his oldest sister to meet Gerri and her kids. The mother was very thankful for all the help that sponsorship provides. Apart from his medicine, the family receives food monthly and also got a house built by PID last year to replace the tin shack they were living in with 10 kids!
Yefri needed a sponsor to help pay for special schooling and hearing aids because he was born deaf. Gerri and her family stepped in to help. Yefri attends a school for special needs children in Mazate and is learning sign language. He came today with his oldest sister Maria Francisca. He was very excited to see that Gerri had brought him presents with his name monogrammed - pencils, tote bag and pencil case! It was very sweet to see his sister interacting with him and signing to him to explain everything.

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