Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mississippi team

I arrived in Glendora around 5 last night . I was followed by the man we have come to call superman (Brad) in Haiti, Guatemala and now in MS. He drove from midnight Friday until 11PM to get to MS, 23 hours straight and alone. His truck was loaded with supplies , tools and thrift shoppe donations. He was up at 7 wanting to get started on his underground plumbing work. Patrick and Brad worked all day in 100 degree weather. The pipes are laid and they are ready for phase two of the foundation. Meanwhile,  Jesse and Sophia went to meet the team in Memphis . They arrived back at 7 tonight. After a great meal cooked by Lady everyone went to bed. Construction team will be up at 6 and kids team will start later. Long, tiring but rewarding day. Brad still reigns as super man.

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