Monday, July 13, 2015

Good day of work in Haiti

The team got their wish. Today was more work on the foundation of the next house, instead of more painting. Also, the house next to the new foundation (not the house across the yard that the team painted last week) is almost finished being constructed. Its mostly skilled work that is required at this point of the construction, so the team works on the foundation project, which means tons of shoveling and bucketing out rocks, while the Haitian workers do the finishing of the walls, etc. of the almost-complete house.

Tonight, Adline came to give the group her political history of Haiti talk, while Gale and her grandkids, and intern Evelyn, worked on making a few examples of the new bracelets for the Gem-Cutting program. Tomorrow Gale and JeanOnes (the small business manager) are going to show the Gems staff how to make them, and then they will be available on our Etsy store. A lot of Haiti-made bracelets are already on sale on the PID etsy website.

Tomorrow is the team's last day of work: pretty hard to believe. They have been an up-beat and hard working team. 

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