Thursday, June 18, 2015

Team of Nurses departs PID Haiti

This past week was a full one!  The medical team did a mobile clinic everyday, alternating who stayed back at PID to see patients and who went out to the surrounding towns. Last Thursday and Friday the mobile clinic visited Molhea, the town on the dump. Saturday was Canaan mobile clinic day, and on Monday and Tuesday the team did mobile clinics at Bigarad. Those were probably the toughest days due to intense heat and the overwhelming number of patients. The nurses were composed and they cared for many, many sick people.

Last Sunday when the team went on their excursion, I took a walk to our friend Saintilia's house to visit her baby grand-daughter. When I arrived, the family had dozens of photographs from many years of Santilia and her family posing with PID team members spread out on their front porch. It was sweet to see them remembering these team members through the pictures, some who have come every year, and some who came only once. They remembered little details about the people, like how much this person liked coffee, or whose house this person's team helped build. They pointed out a picture to me of one of the team members from this current trip also, holding her sponsor child.

A photograph similar to the ones I saw at Saintilia's house.
I am sharing that little story on the blog because it is important for you to know, if you have come down in the past on a trip, those of us in Haiti do not soon forget you. :)

Then, on Monday afternoon we had our first, good, hard rain. After it started to come down, I peeked out my front door to see people from the team standing in the rain soaking it in. Then they played soccer with the cook's daughter despite (or because of) the deluge.
The view I saw peeking out my front door.

The team in the rain.

The last members of the team left PID this morning. I have to say they were a very talented and diverse one. The team not only provided medical care, but a carpenter on the team spent what seemed like 10 hours a day building many useful pieces for the clinic. At final debrief they shared with me how they were challenged, moved and encouraged by what they saw in Haiti and at PID.

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