Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pom poms, lion masks and river rocks

Today's VBS program went a lot smoother. We planned extra crafts to fill in time. The kids love playing with the team members. Especially whacking them with pool noodles. Today's Bible lesson was Daniel in the Lion's Den and the kids all made lion masks. They spent a long time decorating their masks and putting on many details. Alejandra started signing up kids for next week's VBS in Ixtacapa and I can tell that it is going to fill up fast!
Gale and some of the former leaders and mow just extra helpers made some yarn pom poms for a craft later on in the week. They made a total of 96 pom poms!
The construction crew worked hard all day transporting gravel and rocks in wheelbarrows to the construction site. Soon they will be able to start the foundation for Eduardo's house.

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