Thursday, June 18, 2015

Each day gets better

The condtruction crew poured the foundation for the house today. They got to mix the cement by hand and then carry the buckets over to the trench they dug that had been filled with rocks and pour in the cement. Tomorrow they will let the foundation dry and pour the floor for another PID house that was started this year.

The VBS crew had a great day! The kids really enjoyed the story of fedding the 5,000 and making the basket craft. The team members are building relationships with the kids and really enjoying themselves.

This afternoon Gale, Julie, Flor and I tested out some recipes of special cookies that we will be using for kids who are malnourished. They are high-fat and high-calorie cookies that will help them get back to a healthy weight quickly. We had 4 different recipes and then had kids come in for a taste test.

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