Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday update from Guatemala

The team worked in the village again today. At the construction site they did some heavy lifting transporting 400 cement blocks, 20 bags of cement, and 20 bags of cal, and three square meters of big rocks from the street to the site where the house is. Luckily it is not too far and the path is straight and flat. The foundation is dug and filled with rocks. Tomorrow they will be mixing cement and pouring the foundation.

The filter crew visited some houses to check their filters and washed them. They also were able to install a new filter for a family.

Inside the clinic the nursing students have gotten very efficient at the well child check ups and we had to send Alejandra out a few times during the day to find more kids for them to see! In the afternoon she resorted to telling families that Gale was calling them to the clinic - people generally do what she asks them to do. We were a little surprised when everyone was coming in and hugging Gale. But when we found out what Alejandra had done, it all made sense.

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  1. Great to see all the work being done!! You are amazing!
    -Eileen Moffett