Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feliz Año Nuevo from Guatemala!!

Happy New Years!!

Yesterday the team worked in the village. The nursing students along with their advisor were flying through the well-child checkups.

The construction team started mixing cement and pouring the foundation. Today they finished it and started with the cement blocks.

Since today was a national holiday (New Years) we had a little bit of change in schedules. And we learned a few things:
1. We learned that the chicken buses do NOT run on New Years. Luckily we know a guy with a pickup truck who does

2. In the children's program we learned how to make wooden spoon puppets and how to control many kids who all wanted soccer balls

3. Some of the team learned how hard it is to put tape in a straight line 

4. We learned how to make a traditional guatemalan dish - Pepian Chicken with rice. They made and delivered 16 plates to elderly and sick people in the village. 

5. We learned that practice makes (almost) perfect

6. We learned that we need a LOT more practice at making tortillas

7. We learned that it is harder than it seems

8. We learned how to distinguish a guatemalan tortilla from a gringo one

9. Colleen learned the technique

10. The team learned how much kids love a piñata

Welcome to 2015! May we keep learning from and loving the people that PID is serving. 

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