Monday, December 29, 2014

1st day in the village

The team started work today in village Concepcion. The nursing students from St. Joe's are performing well-child check ups for all our sponsored children. They are recording height, weight, hemoglobin along with results from a urine test and a fecal exam. They are getting the kids who are really anemic in to see our Guatemalan doctor. It is a struggle to keep up medically with over 250 kids and the screening that they are going to do in these next two weeks is crucial to helping us keep track of our sponsored kids and keeping them healthy. Gale even taught some of the students how to look for parasites under the microscope for the fecal exams. The students did a great job and saw more kids than we had planned.

The construction crew split into two small groups. One dug out the foundation for a house being built for Dulce and Emilio. They worked super hard under the hot sun to get it all done today. They other group is working on water filters and started out today sifting and washing sand. Tomorrow they will go and pull in some water filters that need to be cleaned out and replaced.

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