Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Long-Awaited Administration Building!

Woohoo! This is a shot of Director of Social Work Mr. Genois standing at the entrance of our much-needed and long-awaited administration building on the PID clinic campus. Its right next to the clinic and will serve as the office building for department heads and directors.

 Up until this point, the heads of small business, sponsorship, administration and clinic were all sharing basically one office, so we are all pumped to have our own space. Its especially necessary for the social work/sponsorship department to have this new space, which includes a waiting room to accomodate Child Sponsorship families while they wait for their monthly follow-up meetings, drop off report cards, meet with Mr. Genois, etc. Previously they had to wait outside the clinic, in the patient waiting room, wherever. Needless to say it will be nice to have a designated waiting room for them. 

Gale is also here this week and helped orchestrate the move into the new building. She was also the one who made a pretty random (and lucky) discovery: the floor of the building (the brand new building) had a lot of white paint splattered on almost all the floors while they were painting the walls. It wasn't going to be the end of the world, but it was a huge shame because the floor design was actually really beautiful before it was ruined. We have tried like three different times to get the paint off with turpentine, etc. Well, Gale comes to find out that the magic combo of brillo pads and windex will take  the paint right off the floor. (Its like My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Baha!) 
So tonight Gale, Saintilia, Murielle and I cleaned one of the floors that way and it turned out pretty good. The floor design is cool- its like colorful swirls. Very artsy.

This is a short work week for the clinic and office- tomorrow is a national holiday so we will start off in the new office after the long weekend.

Will post again soon!

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