Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Agustin Toc Family : Transformation Tuesday

Introducing the Agustin Toc family. 

Single mother Dominga has 5 children. When we first met them Dominga was depressed and having thoughts of suicide. She confessed that it was usually her oldest daughter Vanessa (9yrs old at the time) who would talk her out of killing herself. Such a heavy weight for such a little girl. They lived in a small house made of scraps of plastic, tin, cardboard and bamboo. The only son Jackson was sleeping in a bed with a man who was in and out of the family's life. Dominga and her four daughters slept on the dirt floor. Rainy season was awful since the floors turned to mud. Dominga cried with me in my office because she couldn't go out and work to support her family because she couldn't leave her young baby alone. Vanessa would often go and wash dishes at a neighbors house after school to earn a little money to buy at least some tortillas for her family. 

Two children are now enrolled in PID sponsorship and the family received a house last year thanks to a church fundraiser in Ipswich, MA. They still struggle to make ends meet, but Dominga now has a job and they live in a safe, dry house. Dominga is usually seen with a smile on her face because she now has hope for a better future for her and her children.

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