Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nicole's new home!

You may have noticed that we are starting to share some of the fruits of PID programs here on social media by publishing some before and after's with the hashtag #transformationtuesday. This is one of the first transformations I saw here in Haiti since starting my job here. JnOnes introduced me to Nicole (photo below) and she explained what her previous living situation was like.

For 7 or 8 years she and her son Christopher (now 8 years old) lived in the courtyard of an apartment building not far from PID. There was a rickety tarp structure on the property, but it left them very vulnerable to Haiti's harsh weather and also to their unfriendly neighbors. At one point Nicole's son was beaten up by tenants of the apartment building. Nicole then found a temporary housing situation through a local church and has been able to stay there for the past months. But that was only temporary. Now Nicole and her son live in a PID home. Last week when JnOnes, Mr. Genois, Wilner and I all handed over the keys to Nicole we also stood in the foyer with her and we prayed for her and her son.


Before: The courtyard where Nicole and her son lived for 7 years. The tarp structure is very similar to where Nicole lived and in the rainy season the family had to move inside the building to sleep in hallways or on the porch.


After: Nicole's PID home just after we gave her the keys and prayed for her well-being.

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