Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great start to the work week with Gordon

On Sunday the Gordon College team enjoyed a church service in the morning and a day at the beach before the busy work week started.

Each day many of the team members have been going to Canaan to work on the duplex. So far, they have filled in the foundation with the "ranble", or rocks and dirt, up to the level of the foundation. They have also poured cement over the whole top of the foundation, and today they began to put blocks up. They are making a lot of progress!

Back at the PID compound, Paul has been working hard with the rest of the team members on the cafeteria. They are painting it a lovely shade of creamsicle! Paul is working hard framing the windows with wood and screening them in, as well as putting screen doors. It's not easy because the windows are round, but Paul is doing an amazing job and they look great!

Today the team went on a walk around Blanchard to see the PID houses in the area. It was so nice to see Wislain's mom in her new PID house with her kids. She was so happy. She moved in last week.

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