Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Washing sand and meeting sponsored kids

The first day in the village was certainly a busy one. We started off with a quick tour of the village to get a better sense of how the people we serve are living. When we got back to the clinic Norm gave a condensed "course" on the water filters. 101 was theory and then 102 was practice. The washed some sand, removed a filter that was no longer in use and installed a new filter. In the morning I worked with a few ladies un packing the PID suitcases and making bags for the clinic.

Two team members got to meet their sponsored children today and that is always a very special experience for child and sponsor. Julie's little girl Yoselin arrived with her mother, younger sister (6 mo. old) and a bag of bananas for Julie. David and Jane sponsor a boy named Eduardo who came today with his mother and two sisters. That was an emotional encounter.

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