Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year from Haiti

This morning the team woke up on new Years Day and enjoyed soup Joumou cooked by Saintilia, the traditional pumpkin soup enjoyed in Haitian households everywhere on New Years Day to celebrate Haitian Independence. After, the team packed up and said their last goodbyes before heading to the airport.

The team had a great week, helping out Billy and Dru with the Christmas parties, working in the clinic, out at the construction site on the house in Blanchard, and building shelves for our two new medical depots.

On the 31st, we held our first annual Staff Appreciation New Years Party, complete with decorations, music, a delicious meal cooked and served by the team, and a visit from Gale via skype. It was a great way to end 2013 and say thank you to all our awesome staff for their dedication to PID and all the hard work they do every day serving the poorest of the poor.

As we enter into 2014 we give thanks to God for getting us through some very difficult times in 2013 and continuing to strengthen us and help us grow as we serve those in need. As we thank our dedicated staff here in Haiti, we also want to send our biggest thanks to all of PID's supporters back home for continuing to make PID's work here in Haiti, as well as in Guatemala and now the US possible.

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