Monday, December 30, 2013

And so begins another week

Sunday the team went to church in the morning, but ended up listening to the service from the park across the street because it was standing room only and the sun was shining bright where they had to stand. After that they went to see the Mayan ruins called Tak'alik Ab'aj. They got to walk around the ruins and learn about the history of the site. They even saw some people performing ceremonies on the altars. They went out for lunch and then back to the hotel to relax a bit in the afternoon.

Today we are back to work in the village. Deneen is working with Miguel washing and sifting sand for the water filters. Barbara, Lynn and Ruby are seeing patients in the clinic and the rest of the team is working at the children's program.

Today Dora stopped by the clinic to talk to me and found out that her sponsor Lynn was here! They got a chance to catch up and talk with each other. Dora is in our higher education program and about to start her final year of schooling to become a bilingual secretary.

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