Saturday, January 4, 2014

The goings and comings of Guatemala

After a yummy New Years Eve dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes, followed by a fireworks show in the hotel parking lot, the team went to bed and woke up in the New Year! On the first we visited Lake Atitlan. They got to ride a boat from Santiago to San Pedro and spend time walking around before and after a delicious lunch.

Thursday was the Fiesta at the children's program - complete with clowns, balloon animals, face painting and hotdogs! We had an early dinner and the team left with Sergio for Guatemala City around 7 pm.

Due to the winter storm that hit the Northeast over the past few days there have been many delays and flight cancellations.

Kelly arrived on Thursday and got to San Antonio late at night. Friday was spent doing all sorts of errands to prepare for the St. Joe's group. 

Part of the St. Joe's team arrived last night with Nick as their leader. Another group arrives this afternoon with a few more arriving Sunday or Monday. 

Today the team is starting at the construction site and in the clinic. Shelby worked with some of the students and the leaders from the village to get the crafts ready for next week's children's program.

After lunch cooked by Marcelina the team and I will go to the Mayan Ruins Tak'Alik Ab'aj to learn about the indigenous culture. Tomorrow they will spend the day at the lake.

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