Monday, December 30, 2013

The team in Haiti had a fun yet productive weekend. Saturday was our excursion day to the beach and dinner out since Dru and Billy were leaving on Sunday. Dru and Billy are already planning for next year's "un-sponsored kids" Christmas parties. The loved the fact that the team was able to help and bring so many more gifts and crafts than they are able to carry.

On Sunday Ken, Bill and Stanley started the shelves in the new Medical Supply Depot room, while some of the other team members painted the shelves in the new Medicine Depot room.  We hope the staff can start putting meds on the shelves Monday afternoon.  Around 2:30 on Sunday, the team chipped in and paid Pouchon to take us to the Haitian National museum downtown and to do some craft shopping outside the UN building. They loved seeing more of Port au Prince and getting a better understanding of Haiti's history.  Now back to work today!

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