Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday from Haiti

During a very hard rain the whole community has come for the second evening in a row to sing and pray for John. We continue to pray at our lunch break as well. People are feeling hopeful tonight because we have news that he will have surgery soon to repair his broken femur. Everyone hopes this is a good sign, and some movement towards his recovery.
Thirteen people arrived today to help us with our work here. The UMASS Nursing school, several nurses, a nurse practitioner, a PA student, and construction workers all arrived safely, as well as our friend Jack, who will lead construction for 3 weeks in John's absence. We had a lively orientation, despite everyone being tired from travelling. Andrea, Wilson and Sarah continued to see patients in the clinic today, and Lynn and I had our safebirth class. We taught alot of strategies for handling emergencies during labor and delivery and had our usual fun doing role plays. Emma helped in both the triage and pharmacy, as well as visiting the children she sponsors. Despite our worries for John, we continue to work, pray, be hopeful, and do our best to help Haiti.
The rain is cooling everything off.
Signing off for tonight, Alison

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  1. Thinking of and grateful for all of you who are doing this rewarding work with PID. A special hello to my friends Roxanne and Elias. Haiti will never be the same:-)