Monday, May 13, 2013

The power of prayer

In the clinic today, with the 3 new residents from Canada- Wilson, Andrea and Sarah, joining  Dr Paul, we were able to treat many patients. The Safebirth classes also started today with Lynn as our visiting midwife to teach alongside myself. We had 13 students today and expect more tomorrow.  Emma visited the boys she sponsors and helped in the pharmacy for today. Everyone is a bit weary from travelling but happy to be here, some visitors for their first time.

Despite the great work the new team now has started, it is a very difficult time here at PID Haiti. Many of you know John, our construction director. He has been in a serious moto accident and is in Medishare hospital. He has a brain hemorrhage, a broken femur, and is in a coma. Lizzy and I visited him in the ICU today and learned that he is now having seizures and has a fever. They have been unable to repair the fracture due to his condition. All of the PID Haiti  family and staff is very upset. All our staff gathered at lunch today in the clinic to have a group prayer. There was not a dry eye among us. We will be having daily prayer circles together here until he recovers, and we ask that you all join us around 12:30 so that we can form a large circle of prayer around him from Haiti throughout the US to support the recovery of our beloved John.

We thank you in advance. With love and hope, Alison

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