Friday, May 24, 2013

The construction teams have turned on each other!

Tonight at the team meeting I found out about a little feud going on between the two construction teams (bathroom and porch). There was a small issue about the sharing of tools - but all in good fun! The group is working hard and starting to lay the blocks for the bathroom and the porch. Their only complaint is that the village kids keep snatching their work gloves.

Suze saw less patients today, but they were sicker than yesterday. A woman with very high blood sugar and a young lady who claimed she was in labor! Both were sent off to places where they could be adequately cared for.

The filter crew continued sifting and washing sand and then installing filters. They were even offered a cold beverage from a very thankful mother.

Tomorrow we will work half a day and then visit some Mayan ruins.

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