Saturday, May 25, 2013

PPI and PID and continued heat

Today, the construction team continued working in Canaan. It was a very hot day. The counselors
continued with their study with kids and the parents from the Blanchard area. The medical people and a few other reorganized the depot and worked in the pharmacy. In the afternoon they took a tour of Blanchard and then they hung out  at the bunkhouse. Tomorrow they wil go to the beach and then downtown and out to Epidor.

Lizzy, Genois , Isabel and myself went up the mountain to work on a new assessment tools that PID is studying to help us be able to evaulate those coming in to our program . It will help us track their progress as they continue through our programs. Chris, a friend of PID from many years ago, helped us through the process. He has been in Haiti for over a month as a consultant to a small business company and offered to help us with the process. We are so grateful for his help. We finished the work today. Patrick will work on the spreadsheet and Monday, Mr Genois will begin to use it in the entry interviews . Isabel and Samuel will also learn how to use it as an accessment tool.

It was a very successful day.

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