Friday, May 24, 2013

What do you say when you can't give out water?

Today was another hot day on the mountain. The team worked so hard on the new duplex in Canaan, in almost desert like conditions. It is hot, dusty and so dry. It was an emotional day as kids lined up asking the workers for water and food . They could not give out water or there would be none left for the team If they gave out one cup they would be mobbed by hundreds of people.

It was an emotionally hard day for the team as the reality of working in a very poor area as the second day there became to unfold. At the meeting we talked about how hard it is to be the first teams in. You have many people staring at you while you work. You have so many kids and others asking for water and food. If you are experienced it is hard enough but for new team members it is very hard. conflicting emotions abound.

The counseling group offered  support . The experienced people shared past experiences. The new team came up with many great ideas and are so excited to go back. It is wonderful to see a new generation of people who have so much to offer and who care so much.

Rick , one of our medical advisors, arrived safely . Jack was off to help out PIH for the weekend.

All of the staff and family of John continue to work through all of the emotions that we are feeling.

We are grateful to have Jack and as well as Patrick, our intern, working so hard to figure out the construction. Allie has been so helpful leading the teams.  The staff is working hard to fill in the void.

This is a great team. We look forward to a good night's rest and an early start tomorrow.

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