Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stress and its effect

Yesterday I received a text from my son Isaiah . He told me that Boston was under lock down. He and his wife Jamie couldn't
Leave their apartment. As we periodically got updates during the day, there was a background stress that hung over my day. I couldn't focus, I was worried, what if more people were hurt or killed.
What if they closed the airport , how would the we get back. It felt a lot like
Haiti during the Coup. No sense of peace or security. No moving around, sometime a lock down. But I could always go back home and leave it behind.

I remember many times the Haitians
Talk about the lack of security. Here I was
So distracted by day when
I felt like there was no security. I struggled to stay focused.

Later in the evening, Pouchon and I talked about Boston . I told him I understood more about Haiti because of what was happening in Boston. As we talked about it, it became more apparent that stress in a country like Haiti , over a long period of time , Takes away the normal ability to work, or focus or promote permanent change.
The future loses importance and safety and security for yourself and family become your focus.
Security is a wonderful thing when you have it. It gives you the ability to hope and dream.
When you don't have it you have only time to focus on staying safe.

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  1. Thanks for the incite. It certainly was a nerve racking week. At least it came to an end last night in Watertown. It will take a while for the authorities to get to the bottom of it. As we say "There is strong, then the is Boston strong ".