Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last day for the team

The team enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach after a great week full of hard work sifting, painting, bagging meds, and running crafts for the kids program. Mr. Genois came to tonight's final meeting to talk about PID's programs and thank everyone for coming and for all their work. "I look at this with so much respect," he said, "when someone leaves their home, pays their money, to travel to Haiti and serve people they don't even know for no pay. I can't ever pay you for the work you've done. All I have to give you is my thanks."

Patrick, the new intern, was officially introduced to all PID's staff on Friday. He has lots of projects he will be working on during his stay here including establishing a system for the new recycling program, equipment management, construction, and marking our land in Canaan. He is ready and eager to work.

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