Saturday, April 20, 2013

New intern, new paint and a place for new thinking

Patrick, the new intern in Haiti , had his first full day at work and has his formal
Introduction. Two kids in the neighborhood came and worked with him.

The team painted the education building
Which will be used for our diabetic and hypertension , midwife, family planning , prenatal and kids program.

Samuel 2 came to show me all his organized diabetic and hypertension notes. I was very impressed and happy as he smiled and told me how well everything was going. He said the sickle cell program was also going well.

Jimmy , from the pharmacy, said I have been recording what meds we give to patients for a long time. When is someone
Going to enter it in the computer so we will no how much we are using every month, them I can do a better order.

It was great to see the clinic still flourishing with our new doctor in charge.
The clinic day ended a little early with Dr
Paul doing staff training for the triage
Nurses. When I went to the class almost of the staff including non medical was there instead of only the 3 triage nurses. Everyone was taking notes and learning about muscles and joints.

I was proud of how hard the staff has worked , what they have learned and how far they have come to provide medical
Care for the people in their country.

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