Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday in Haiti

Today the UMass team continues to work hard in the PID clinic, the mobile clinic, and the construction site. The education center is almost finished- they are putting the final coat of smooth cement on the outside. We are already planning where to hang the beautiful educational posters the students made on healthy diets for diabetes, hypertension, GERD, and and interactive make your own balanced food plate poster.

At today's mobile clinic at a school in Damien, the nurses and students saw lots of patients and did teaching for some of the local children about hand washing, tooth brushing, and covering their mouth while they cough. The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed interacting with the students.

Back at PID, the team also saw lots of patients. The burned girl came back and Jim taught Sultane and Suze, our two Haitian nurses here how to dress the girl's burns. After work, Jim and Tamara each did some teaching with the UMass students.  Jim did a talk about muscular skeletal assessments, specifically the shoulder, and Tamara did a talk about sickle cell.

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