Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fat Baby Thursday

So apparently today was fat baby day at the clinic. Many of the kids that were brought in were just BIG! Not obese - just big babies. It was a bit of a shock to Kelly and the rest of the clinic staff. The day also brought other interesting cases - a woman who possibly had a stroke two days ago, a boy who hurt his pinky really badly while swinging in a hammock, and a little girl with severe conjunctivitis. The morning was really busy and we saw more than 50 patients. As usual the afternoon was a bit slow.

Andy and Daniela went over to Marcelina's house to help her cook lunch and came back with a better appreciation of all the conveniences that they are used to in the U.S. And they learned that neither of them are very good at making tortillas.

The water filter crew got to install some filters and work on the building process.

Tomorrow will be their last day working in the clinic.

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