Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UMass team's second day

Today the team had a great second day of work. The students rotated places so those who went on the mobile clinic yesterday were able to work at PID, those who stayed at PID went on the mobile clinic, and 3 different students worked construction. Today's mobile clinic was at Bigarade. Several of the nurses had been there last year and noticed that the church where we worked used to be made of tarps and sticks but is now a concrete structure. The pastor of the church invited them all to eat at his house when everyone breaked for lunch. The team members were moved by his kindness and generosity. Back at PID we had a calmer day than yesterday and we finished on time. We did have one emergency patient carried in screaming, clenching her teeth, crying out, and complaining of neck pain. The nurses were stumped for a while, but it ended up the patient had just put on an attention-getting act, as when no attention was on her, she stopped acting. She was seen laughing and joking outside the clinic afterwards. The students continue to learn so much from the great doctors and nurses they are working with, and getting so much experience from the great variety of patients that they have been seeing.

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