Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Babies , Babies and a lot of kids

Today the team continued to work in the clinic and on water filters and doing a children's program.

Because we have an NP who specializes in women's health we have many ladies showing up who are worry about their health. But we have found in general the Guatemala ladies are a strong bunch. For me the most exciting thing was to work in the lab and see may of the village ladies who when we tested their hemoglobin in 2008 it fell below 8 and each year it climbed and today the hemogloblin of the same ladies are well above 11. It was fun to be able to show them their charts and explain it to them. Then to see the huge smiles as they understood.

Kelly is very excited because we have so many babies. It is her first time to Guatemala after many trips to Haiti and she is finally getting her head wrapped around it. When people ask me what the difference is between the two programs it is very difficult to explain because each country has it's own flavor and cultural influences.

Out in back of the clinic the kids loved the crafts that the crafts that Maddie and Megan brought.
There were suppose to be 25 kids in each session but when I looked out in the afternoon I think I saw about 50 all concentrating on there beading project. The kids loved it. It was so good to see all their smiling faces.

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  1. I see Kelly is there after many trips to Haiti. I have now been to Haiti 4 times and although I absolutely love it, I would love to go to Guatamala to work as well and to use some Spanish. I would like to see what PID is there. Maybe I can talk to Kelly some time? Thanks for all you do, Gale!