Thursday, January 10, 2013

Working hard in Gautemala

Today as we went over the high and lows of the day, I was excited to see how many of the team members were really impressed by the amount of work they were able to finish in spite of the heat. The walls are almost finished on the emergency house they are building as well as the double bathroom they are working on. The clinic was packed with many patients. Delphenia is a sweet elderly woman. Her legs constantly have ulcers from her terrible varicose veins. She has come to clinic for the last six years when ever she has a leg ulcer. We treat her and get the ulcers healed and then she is back again after a short time. WE have tried wrapping them, compression socks and many other types of treatment. Today we decided that we would do surgery. So we are hoping we can find a place to do the surgery so that she will not have to have these ulcers all at the time.

The children's program had there last full day and tomorrow they will have the fiesta.

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