Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday in Haiti

Wednesday started off with a bang! Eggs for breakfast. As with previous days, a few of the group went off to the work site and the rest stayed on the PID compound. The interior of Lizzy's house was painted and now looks great.  At the work site, the team conquered six bags of cement, mixing and moving all day. While the work was exhausting, the second house is now ready to be filled so it was a very rewarding day. In the clinic, the medical crew welcomed a new member to their ranks; student nurse Allie. She shadowed her aunt Cathy and Dr. Neeli all day, getting exposed to the gamut of Haitian health care. Later in the afternoon, everyone enjoyed fresh mangos and sugar cane. Despite the mid-week fatigue, everyone found their second wind and had a terrific day.

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