Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gordon team continues on strong

Thursday was a great day for the group. After a balanced, filling breakfast, everyone geared up and split up to their various jobs. At the PID compound, they began to stucco and is going to look great when finished. Paul kept trucking along on the roof of the education center and also finished running the conduits from the bunk house to the clinic to repair the electricity in the bunkhouse. Also, breaking news out of the housing department, I had my house fully painted and completed and now can move back in. At the worksite, the group experienced their  hardest day yet, starting the day with mixing cement and then transferring later to shoveling buckets of rocks for fill, of which they moved a grand total of 537. In the clinic today, it was pregnancy day, with pregnant mothers coming in for pre-natal exams. After the clinic ended, Dr. Neeli and nurse Cathy went for a walk to the work site tosee what the others had been doing this week. At the work site, they all enjoyed a lot of time with the local children, playing and taking pictures.

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