Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stitches for Marcos and Tuesday night English Classes

Yesterday the clinic went a little smoother and they were able to see more patients than on Monday. We had some difficult cases that needed higher level care than what we provide in our clinic, so we had to sent them out for other help. Today our Guatemalan doctor Angelica is here so there are many more patients waiting to come in to the clinic.

A few team members are feeling a little under the weather, but with a good day of rest and plenty of water they are ready to go the following day.

The children's program made maracas yesterday, which in hindsight might not have been the best idea because they spent the rest of the day shaking them throughout the other classes. But at least they enjoyed themselves! =)

The construction teams continue to work hard despite the extreme heat. They are learning how to lay blocks. And so far no more little children have gotten hurt. (Marcos now proudly displays his 5 stitches on his arm.)

Last night I took six of the team members to participate in the English class here at the clinic. They had some one-on-one conversation activities to complete with the students. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was a really great opportunity for the Guatemalan students who don't normally have interaction with native English speakers.

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