Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another great team returns home

The Guatemalan team leaves  for the US today. This team has accomplished so much and I am always amazed that exactly the right person seems to be on the team when we need them.

Norm, our water filter guy, was here and although we didn't produce a ton of filters , he spent most of the time teaching and training our new Guatemalan water person with the help of Ernie. Miquel will be such a good addition to our staff in Guatemala as we ramp up to do 400 water filters in the area in next year.

Amy, or Dr Amy as she is called in Guatemala got to follow up on a lot of patients that needed her special attention. Laura, with a specialty in respiratory therapy, was able to help many patients.

Lynn, did a wonderful job in the lab , she rarely makes kids cry even when drawing blood. She was so surprised as she did the stool samples. I told her , you will be able to tell what village they come from by the sample and sure enough, she could. Our village is clean, surrounding villages have the same amount of parasites as Concepcion did 3 years ago. Were excited to see this transformation.

Judy, who was fluent in Spanish and a social worker, was a wonderful translator. She was there to comfort and talk to a woman whose life is so hard that she was thinking of taking her life and hoped someone better would be there to take care of her kids. She is in the program and with the help of  Shelby, Abby and Alahandra will receive major support in the coming months.

Ray, our photographer and eye examiner, help many people to be able to see clearer, as was evident as the people left his room with huge smiles on their faces.

Cynthia, has a special place in the hearts of the young teens in the village, as they learned new knitting stitches and even made baby booties.

It was a pleasure to work with such a committed team.

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