Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Booties for Babies!

Kids learning how to knit =)

Our knitting class out back has really taken off! There are usually about 7-10 kids sitting around plastic tables on our back patio knitting with Cynthia. They have learned to make headbands, washcloths, bags and the next project - baby booties!

Katy with her little sister Carla modeling the new baby booties

This back patio has turned out to be the best thing! We use it for eating lunches, knitting classes, workshops for midwives and pregnant women, welcome and goodbye parties, and so much more!

The nurses at the clinic continue to see patients - many kids with really clogged up ears and cuts on their feet. Gale went and bought some sandals in San Antonio today to give out to kids who need them.

The water filter group installed two new filters yesterday and went to check on some that had been installed in august and were having a few problems. They will be visiting more homes today and checking on the ones that were installed yesterday.

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