Thursday, January 24, 2013

Update from Haiti

Exciting news from Haiti!
Both the medical and construction teams left over the weekend and we heard everyone made it safely home. Alot of great work was accomplished here last week, a foundation made for a new house, and lots of patients seen in the clinic. The teams showed alot of great teamwork and it was a pleasure to work together.
Yesterday we hired Sultane, a bright young Haitian nurse. We are all really excited about having her on board and  I will spend the next couple days orienting her to the clinic and Guetchine, Lizzy and I will make her job description. She has spent 3 months interning here so everyone knows her well at this point and we are all confident she will be a great asset to our medical clinic team.
Tuesday Lizzy and I went to visit the midwives for follow up after the safebirth classes. We were pleased to hear their birth stories and to hear them all tell of how much the classes helped them prepare for and carry out appropriate emergency care for births. They really seemed proud of how much they now knew, and we were able to give out safebirth kits to everyone. This is all really wonderful to be part of for us, especially in light of the upcoming global health conference we are participating in this spring.
Stay warm back home- we heard it's freezing! Lots of love- Alison

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