Monday, January 7, 2013

A productive Monday

The new work week started off quickly. At the work site, it was more rock carrying and cement mixing for foundation but the group had a lot of enthusiasm, especially for a Monday morning. In the afternoon, the group split up, with only a few returning to the work site while the rest remained on the PID compound and did various jobs including digging a trench to rewire the electric feed to the bunkhouse. The clinic was under siege today, processing some hundred and twenty patients! This meant the medical staff had worked overtime to ensure that everyone got attention that needed it. Specifically, Dr. Neeli used her expertise in cardiology to diagnose a case of rheumatic mitral valve disease (a leaking heart valve). Also today, building inspectors came to the work site to check on the standards of building that we use. While the houses we construct have good integrity and longevity, there are a few changes that we will adopt to stay current. Overall, today was very productive all around and everyone here feels worn out but also accomplished.

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