Monday, January 7, 2013

All around low point - Marcos getting hurt!

So today was the first full day of work for the team from St. Joe's in Guatemala.

The children's program went pretty well. The kids all did a craft of crumpling up tissue paper and gluing the little balls to form designs - like flowers and soccer balls and houses. The enjoyed playing soccer and learning some English phrases.

The clinic staff did some well child check-ups and had a few "emergencies" to deal with as well. One older lady had severely swollen legs and her health has been deteriorated for the past 4 months. After deciding that there really wasn't anything we could do for her, we informed the family that they really need to take her to a doctor or to the national hospital. The family needed to discuss their options. It is hard knowing that because of a lack of money some people won't take a family member to get the care that they desperately need. Another minor emergency was when Bobby came running through the village carrying Marcos - a seven year old boy who is part of the family receiving the emergency house - to the clinic. When he was helping out carrying cement blocks to the work site, one of them somehow fell on his arm and cut him pretty deep. So we cleaned him right up and sent for his mom so she could take him to get stitches. At the team meeting tonight that was the "low-point" of the day for many of the team members.

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