Sunday, January 6, 2013

A little bit of work and a lot of fun

Because the  team arrived in Guatemala on Friday, they worked for only a 1/2 day on Saturday. Six of the people on the team met the leaders group and learned the craft for the children's program that will start on Monday. Four other worked on digging the foundation for a bathroom that will service four families that currently use the river. Seven other unpacked the bags and loaded up the pharmacy with supplies and made the gift bags for the children's program. The rest of the team started the foundation for an emergency house, the only problem was that there is a giant stump in the way.

At one o'clock on Saturday the team went to visit a Mayan ruin called  Tikal lik Ab Aj. There were a few new discoveries since the last time a team was there and it was interesting to hear about the Olmecs as well as the Mayans. I had to translate part of the time while Sergio took a break. I found out that I can actually translate a lot better than I can speak.

Today the team when to the church in San Antonio in the morning. After they took a ride to Santiago , then a boat to San Pedro. While some of the team went horse back riding other shopped. They ate at a local restaurant and then came back to the hotel.  We learned at our nightly meeting that many people loved the boat ride and one person has decided that this was his first and last time riding a horse.

After going over the schedule for tomorrow everyone went to rest. Tomorrow is the beginning of the hard work.

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